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I understand you are away traveling but if you were not, you'd be getting a phone call from me right now to express the pure JOY and GRATITUDE I have for what you have done for our computers. It's nothing short of AMAZING!!

With disbelief and utter delight, I sat down at my brilliant looking monitor, tapped one button on the sleek keyboard, and VOILA, the computer screen came up like a MIRAGE! I was SO excited, I can't tell you! And it's not going away! Each click I make immediately produces the desired result! It's unbelievable to me after the experience I've had for so long with a less than a functional system. It's literally a dream!

David is feeling equally happy and grateful. We can't thank you enough, Jim. We are going to try out Zoom with the new little cameras as well.

It's so exciting, we may never leave our desks, but the saving grace thanks to you is that we also have streaming TV upstairs, so that may produce a tenable diversion!

THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!! Have a good and productive trip. I am mailing your check out today (as a brief departure from my now compelling desk)!!

Pam E. March 30, 2022

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Hi John,

I've been meaning to tell you how grateful I am for your recommendation of Jim Santos last January. Since then he has been a God send, helping me with multiple computer issues/crashes, setting up a new computer, and as of today, a new printer, troubleshooting my TIVO system etc.

He is extremely competent, conscientious, punctual, quiet, and his rates very reasonable. As a non-technical widowed woman, I have no idea what I would have done without his help over the past 8 months. (He was saying today that his car knows how to drive here on its own, and even my most skittish cat is starting to shrug by now when he arrives.)

Anyway, thank you again for recommending Jim.

Mady H. September 11, 2016

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This was our first experience with Our PC Guy and I must say my expectations were exceeded. In the past we would have brought the machine in to a repair shop and waited several days  for its return. Jim replied to my email on a Sunday afternoon and arrived promptly at the agreed upon time the next morning. He was very professional, quietly diagnosed the problem, and before long we heard the welcome beep/hum of the machine starting up. I would not hesitate to call on him again.  The price was very reasonable for a house call.

Elayne R. September 11, 2016

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Came to my house an hour after I called him, diagnosed reason for boot failure, accompanied me to purchase new drive and adapter, installed new drive, WENT HOME AND RETURNED with necessary supplies, re-loaded windows, PLUS anti-virus AND anti-spyware, recovered files from old disc (sector corruption, not mechanical failure). We spent about three hours together. Jim is a genuinely nice, laid back guy who really likes what he does.  He's a one man shop, not a corporate hire.  He's a problem solver by nature.  I would STRONGLY recommend Jim's services for any computer related problems.

Ernest S. September 11, 2016

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Jim replied to my request for help very quickly and was able to help us out that afternoon. He called when he was on his way to my home and arrived right on time. He came in, asked a few questions and went right to work. He resolved the problem and made sure every device was connecting to the wifi and printing. He was very professional, answered all of my questions, and offered a few tips to keep things running smoothly. His price was very reasonable. I would definitely call him again for help with computer issues.

Andrea M. September 11, 2016

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We had our computer repaired by another service provider. Our computer came back to us in unacceptable condition. We were not able to get on the internet, among other issues. Jim came to our home, and brought our computer back to a level it was when it was new. He worked on the computer for over two hours, and until we were completely satisfied. We would recommend this person to everyone we know, and would definitely use him again.

Ron M. September 11, 2016

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I own my own business, my computer  is the life blood of my business. I was unable to open my computer. Fearing the worse  I called Our PC Guy .He arrived with in 45 minutes. With in 2 hours I was up and running with out any lost of data. He was able to restore all of my operating systems. I encourage everyone to consider using  OUR PC GUY.   He left with everything up and running. My computer was cleaned from virus . My anti virus protection system is now working and has been set up for daily  scanning.  And I didn't have to take out a loan to pay for his services.  I can't thank him enough.

Pam B. September 11, 2016

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Jim installed a firewire card and tuned up my computer removing viruses and making adjustments to make my computer much more efficient. He arrived on time and after installing the firewire card, spent hours tweaking all kinds of settings on my computer, some of which weren't even set up properly by the person who custom built my computer. Now it's running much faster and no error messages like I was getting before. I'll use Jim's services in the future and would recommend him to anyone seeking computer service.

Ed M. September 11, 2016

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I called Jim desperate for help on a Friday night after spending many hours on the phone with my internet provider because the Wifi in my home office didn't work.  Jim came to my house first thing Saturday morning!   He ran diagnostics and successfully identified my Wifi issue.  When I explained that I used my computer for work and was concerned about data loss and security, he proceeded to review my computer, made helpful adjustments, and also made recommendations for additional data loss and security measures that I could take.  He was so helpful that we asked him to also help recover files on a friend's dead computer - and he did!  He drove down the road to my friend's house - on a Saturday morning - and recovered all of their lost family photos, videos, and work documents.  He was incredibly generous with his time on a Saturday morning and I was amazed at the low amount of his invoice.   AND - he followed up later in the week to see how my Wifi was working!!   I plan to use Jim in the future for all of my PC needs.

Kim A. September 11, 2016

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This business transaction was flawless. Jim was very responsive and provided a degree of professionalism not commonly found in the computer repair business. You must be able to trust whomever you have working on your machines. There is so much at stake in this age of sophisticated computer thievery. I trust Mr. Santos.

He arrived at my home as Mr. Santos and left as "Jim" friend.

David H. September 11, 2016

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Changing over from one internet provider to another can be daunting, especially when other devices and programs are involved. I was pulling my hair out and cursing the poor customer support when I decided to give Jim a call.. Smartest thing I've done in quite some time. I never could have done it without his expertise! Much of this was like falling off a log for Jim. He scratched his head a couple of times, but quickly put the pieces together and got me up and running.

Peter W. September 11, 2016

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My son attempted to upgrade his laptop to Windows 10, and the result was a dead laptop.  Jim picked up the laptop at my house, and was able to quickly diagnose the problem and fix the situation.  He dropped the laptop off the next day, and fully explained the issue and the solution.  Jim was quick, efficient and communicated well.

Mike C. September 11, 2016

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My computer needed CPR. The PC Guy bought life back to my old computer. I am hoping to delay buying a new computer for another year or two. I am sure the PC Guy/Jim will be able to keep my computer alive for as long as I needed him too. I highly recommend him.

Julie P. September 11, 2016

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Excellent experience - Jim was extremely knowledgeable and came to my house.  The new computer he did work on was actually built by my son using parts we had ordered for him for Christmas.  Jim took the time to offer advice to my son throughout the experience and helped to give him a better understanding of the security needed on the computer as well as recommendations for free software that is available for him to use.  As his parent - I found this to be priceless.

Donna M. September 11, 2016

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Jim was unbelievable! The hard drive on my work computer crashed with no warning. Within an hour of calling Jim came to my house to take a look and pick up my laptop. Later that day he called to review the problem and offer a few options for repair. Two days later the new hard drive was installed and Jim came back to my home to drop it off. He spent time with me explaining what he had done and how to try and avoid the problem in the future. Jim was able to recover most of the files that were on the original hard drive saving me countless hours of work. All of this was done for very reasonable price!

This was, by far, one of the best customer service experiences that I've ever had.

John C. September 11, 2016

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Fantastic!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Not only built new system at lower cost than original, but utilized existing hardware where applicable AND saved all my precious financial data off of old hard drives AND installed old programs and updated all drivers. I can't say enough about his knowledge and professionalism especially how he computer novices and patiently walks them through the process and explains WHY each step is necessary and what it does. My PC guy forever!!

David M. September 11, 2016

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Al B. portraitI'm 88 years old, and I retired about the time we were getting computers at work. I haven't been the easiest client for Jim, but he has been unfailingly patient and helpful.

He has fixed several problems that I caused myself by moving or removing files and folders. And when my PC completely died, Jim helped me select a new one and ensured that it was set up just like the old one, with all of my programs and files moved to the same place on the new PC, so I didn't have to relearn everything.

Thanks to Jim, I can exchange emails and photos with family and friends, move photos from my camera to my PC, and even create and print cards and calendars. Not bad for an old guy!

Al B. September 4, 2016

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Jim seemed to be extremely knowledgeable with the service he provided. He fixed what I feared was an unfixable problem and did it very quickly. I cannot remember the last time my computer ran so efficiently!

The best part was that he able to do it remotely, although he's always available to come out to work on my pc, if necessary.

Bill L. September 4, 2016

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I bought a laptop, wireless router and wireless printer for my father and his girlfriend for Christmas. …setting up all that networking stuff is a difficult task for me. So, I was talking to a friend and he told me I should contact Jim.

Jim went to my father’s house in Dunstable and had it all up and running in virtually no time at all. Now both Dad and Judy are on-line and enjoying their Christmas presents.

Thank you very much Jim, for everything. You saved me a lot of time and aggravation!

Jack O. September 4, 2016

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Many thanks for all of your help. You've done such great work for us in the last ten years. Anything and everything has gone wrong somewhere on our network.

Each time we called, you tackled the problem with eagerness and solved it with confidence and, most importantly, competence.

You definitely are Our PC Guy

Tammy P September 4, 2016

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I am more than happy to say that Jim Santos is the most competent computer person I have ever met. I'm not computer savvy, and, even though my kids are, problems still arise that none of us can solve.

Dr. J September 3, 2016

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You saved me a lot of time and aggravation!

John H September 3, 2016