Computer & Network Services for Home and Office
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What We Can Help You With

We are often asked for help with:

Things that don’t work, or don’t work well

  • A PC or laptop that runs too slowly
  • Problems with popup windows appearing
  • Warning messages that you don’t understand
  • Possible virus infection
  • Web pages that load slowly or not at all
  • New toolbars at the top of your browser that you don’t want
  • Internet connections that stop working periodically
  • Wireless connections that work poorly — or not at all — in some parts of the house or office

Installations, configurations and upgrades:

  • Ensuring that your network, PCs and laptops are secure
  • Moving files, documents, photos and programs to a new PC or laptop
  • Installing a new disk or more memory into a PC or laptop
  • Setting up a wireless network
  • Installing a new printer and setting it up so all PCs and laptops can use it
  • Setting up PCs and laptops so they can access files, photos and documents on other PCs and laptops in your home or office

Help deciding what to buy

  • What laptop works well for schoolwork as well as gaming
  • Whether to buy a new PC or laptop, or upgrade the existing one
  • Whether to change Internet providers and go from Fios to cable
  • Which PC or laptop will work well for certain programs and uses
  • Which version of Windows to buy or upgrade to