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Because every situation is different, I like to keep my pricing guidelines flexible.

When necessary, I will charge an hourly rate. But I prefer to adapt my prices to the project that I’m working on.

The following should be considered as a general guide:

  • Laptop screen replacement: $75 – $100 labor, plus parts. Parts costs vary, depending on the laptop model, whether it has a touch screen, etc. I look for the best deal from a reliable vendor, and I don’t mark up my parts costs.

  • General health check: $75. This involves running hardware diagnostics, checking error logs, etc. to see if there are any existing or potential problems that may interfere with the proper operation of the computer.For example, sometimes early hard drive problems can be detected before they cause a major failure and you lose all your files and photos.

    Fixing any major problems that are found may cost an additional fee if you choose to repair them.

  • Virus removal: $100. There may be additional charges if the virus has damaged your software or files beyond reasonable repair. For example, some viruses can do so much damage that the only way to recover is to reload the computer from scratch.

  • Data recovery: $100 and up. This depends on how many files have to be recovered and how difficult they are to recover.
  • Custom computer builds: $125 and up, plus parts.

Everything else is priced on a case by case basis. My rate for hourly work is $75/hour. On-site visits are charged a minimum of 1 hour.

The most important thing to remember is that these are just guidelines. I do my best to adapt my fees to your particular situation.