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Many computer repair shops these days focus too much on repairing computers and not enough on making the experience a good one for their customers.

Here are the sorts of things that I see far too often:

  • Customers who are charged and re-charged for every little thing that is done to their computers
  • Customers who are treated like idiots because they aren’t computer engineers
  • Customers who are told to replace equipment that could easily be repaired
  • Customers who are quoted outrageous prices for repairs because they have no way of knowing what the correct price should be
  • Customers who are sold expensive equipment when a cheaper PC would suit their needs just as well

All of these things upset me.

I didn’t start Our PC Guy so that I could confuse you with a bunch of technical terms, sell you some parts, take your check and move on to the next job.

I did it (of course) because I really like to repair computers.

But I’ve also seen the look of frustration on people’s faces when they have spent hours on the phone with a support tech without getting their problem fixed.

When they are driven to the brink of insanity by some little problem that they just can’t figure out.

When they feel like they are getting taken advantage of, but are confused because they don’t understand all of the technical terms that are being thrown at them.

That’s the other reason that I started — to make the process of getting your PC fixed as painless as possible (and hopefully enjoyable, too).

Just the way I would like to be treated if someone were fixing my car.

Fixing your computer is a joint effort:

  • You will gain a better understanding of your computer as a result.
  • You will not feel like you have been taken advantage of.
  • And you will not be abandoned after you give me your check — I encourage all my customers to call me if they have questions, even if it is not related to the work that I have done.

After all, I do have to sleep at night 😉