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  • Hardware Repairs
  • Virus Removal and Prevention
  • File and Image Recovery
  • Tuning for Better Performance
  • PC and Laptop Upgrades
  • Networking and Wireless Setup
  • Printer & All-in-One Support
  • Custom PC Builds

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Hi John,

I've been meaning to tell you how grateful I am for your recommendation of Jim Santos last January. Since then he has been a God send, helping me with multiple computer issues/crashes, setting up a new computer, and as of today, a new printer, troubleshooting my TIVO system etc.

He is extremely competent, conscientious, punctual, quiet, and his rates very reasonable. As a non-technical widowed woman, I have no idea what I would have done without his help over the past 8 months. (He was saying today that his car knows how to drive here on its own, and even my most skittish cat is starting to shrug by now when he arrives.)

Anyway, thank you again for recommending Jim.

Mady H.