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Proactive Services

May your PC seems to be running fine at the moment. But one of my most important jobs is to:

  1. Keep my customers from having problems
  2. Catch problems while they are still small and might not very noticeable

I can analyze your PC and make you aware of things you can do to keep your PC or laptop running well and head off potential problems.

For example:

Anti-virus protection

Protection not turned on:
Many people buy a new PC that comes with a 60 day trial of some anti-virus program. But once the trial is over, they don’t buy a license for the software. So it turns itself off and they are left totally unprotected. Most of the time they don’t even know that this has happened.

Poor protection
Not all anti-virus programs are created equal. Some are better than others, sometimes much better. And the ones that you buy aren’t necessarily better than the ones you can get for free on the Internet.

Poor configuration
Often people install an anti-virus program but never set it up correctly. They don’t do things like set up scheduled virus scans. Or they set them up but they schedule them to run while the PC is on standby or completely turned off.

Hard Disks

No regular backup
I see a lot of people who have never backed up the files on their disk. All it would take is one good power surge and all of their pictures, songs, Word docs, etc. could be gone forever.

Hard disk errors
Sometimes hard disks don’t fail all at once (crash); they can fail slowly over time. By running the right diagnostic tools, I can often determine that the disk is going to fail before it actually does. Then I can take steps to make sure that none of your files are lost. And even if it crashes, we will have taken the steps necessary to keep your files safe.

Read my blog post on hard disk failures.

There a number of things like this that I can tell you about your PC before trouble strikes.

I don’t like to hear that people have lost irreplaceable files or need major PC work that could easily have been avoided.

So even if your PC seems like it is in good shape, consider having me check it for problems now. My detailed diagnosis may save you a great deal of money and frustration in the future.