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  • Hardware Repairs
  • Virus Removal and Prevention
  • File and Image Recovery
  • Tuning for Better Performance
  • PC and Laptop Upgrades
  • Networking and Wireless Setup
  • Printer & All-in-One Support
  • Custom PC Builds

and much more!
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Al B. portraitI'm 88 years old, and I retired about the time we were getting computers at work. I haven't been the easiest client for Jim, but he has been unfailingly patient and helpful.

He has fixed several problems that I caused myself by moving or removing files and folders. And when my PC completely died, Jim helped me select a new one and ensured that it was set up just like the old one, with all of my programs and files moved to the same place on the new PC, so I didn't have to relearn everything.

Thanks to Jim, I can exchange emails and photos with family and friends, move photos from my camera to my PC, and even create and print cards and calendars. Not bad for an old guy!

Al B.